Friday, October 1, 2010

Address: Under Covers in My Bed

Dear Americans,
Thanks for the rain. For the most part we've had lovely weather the whole time we've been here, then suddenly the West sends a monsoon our way. I'm not looking forward to walking 30 minutes to class in a few hours. Emily came back earlier soaked in every part that wasn't covered by her coat. Umbrellas are pointless here since it rains up and sideways.
I am currently fighting off a bit of the sniffles. I think it's the unreliable sleep schedule I've had. I slept 10 hours last night (which I never do) and feel better this morning, but tomorrow a group of us are leaving for London at 3:30 am...which could quite possibly be the dumbest idea we've ever had. Oh well, here's to experiences!! I can't wait to show you pictures of what London looks like at 6 am.
I think i'm going to go make some chamomile tea and drink it with digestive biscuits, PB, and nutella (my new favorite combo). Maybe that will perk up my mood before class.

Rainily Yours,
Amanda The Red-Nosed Sniffler

PS. I had my first choir rehearsal last night and discovered that all i've been told in voice lessons is true....singing with a British accent really does make the song sound smoother.

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