Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Address: London

Dear Readers,
Well I was mostly right about regretting the 3:30 am coach ticket to London. However, the trip was very enjoyable. There was something special in watching the capital slowly wake up (plus it provided perfect lighting for photo-ops).
We must have walked at least 10 miles all day, but we saw Westminster Abbey, several of the parks, Buckingham palace (and the changing of the guards), The National Gallery, King's Cross, Picadilly Square, the parliament houses, and part of the British Museum (though an alarm went off randomly and we had to evacuate after only 15 min.). We also enjoyed some solid London Pub food and browsed touristy shops.
By the end of our day (aka 6 pm) we were all starting to get a bit grumpy and very ready for bed...of course it started raining by this point. We boarded our bus right on time and settled in for the 2 1/2 hr. journey back...and that's when the trip turned a bit sour. We sat in London traffic for 4 hours, moving maybe 1/2 a mile in that whole time because (drum roll) a car hit a lampost and that post was blocking 3 lanes of traffic. The trip ended up taking 7 hours!! Needless to say, when we finally got home at 1 am we were all exhausted.
Not too bad of a trip overall, but I think we're taking the train next time...

The Girl Who Will Move Lightposts Herself Next Time

PS. I saw the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum and Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" at the National Gallery. How flippin cool is that?!?!?

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