Thursday, October 14, 2010

Address: Oxford and Cotswold Villages

To all those closet nerds out there,
I got to visit Oxford last Saturday. This was exciting on two counts: #1. It was Oxford, land of the biggest library systems and areas of academia in (dare I say)the world. #2. My darling cousin, who happens to be studying abroad there, met up with us. I have missed her, and it's pretty awesome that even though I'm across the ocean she's still 40 min. away.
Anyway, Oxford is lovely. We didn't visit any of the actual campuses besides Christ's College (where Harry Potter was filmed), but we did get to visit the famous pub where Tolkien and CS Lewis used to meet. The grandeur and antiquity of everything in the city was just stunning. I took a few pics, but we weren't there very long so I will have to schedule another visit some time soon!


PS. I wish I was a student just so I could enter the forbidden sections of the library and read books that are chained to their shelves.

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