Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Address: Regency Hall, Cheltenham

Dear Americans,
What's up with the rule about white and Labor Day? This was a question blurted from a new acquaintance who just had to know more about our eccentricities. This past Sunday, our quiet building was filled with "freshers" who are all excited about being away from home for the first time. This fact, combined with the legal drinking age in England being 18, creates quite a stir at night. Ok, so I know that coming from a dry campus to here would be an adjustment, but seriously I've been shocked at the amount of alcohol some of them can go through in a night. It doesn't help that all shops and stores in Cheltenham close at around 5, so the only places open for entertainment are pubs or clubs.
But that aside, we've being having a lot of fun getting to know people here. Last night I was up until past 2 talking about accents. They would try to speak "American" and make me speak "English." At any given time this is a perfect conversation starter. I'm slowly getting better at discerning who is from what area of England (one day I made the mistake of saying that their accents all sounded the same to me and ever since then I've been working on listening). After all, I wouldn't want to see like just another....American.


PS. We introduced our new friends to the epic Messiah tradition of Ninja Warrior. They really liked it and i'm pretty sure it's the first game they've played all week that didn't involve intoxication.

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