Friday, September 17, 2010

Address: Cheltenham

Dear Readers,
Arrived safely in Cheltenham yesterday, though it feels as though I've been here for weeks. So far we've been touring about the city and have been introduced to lots of people and places we'll be seeing in the weeks to come once "modules" start.
I have my own room and bathroom, though both are small. I am learning where to buy the things I need and a helpful note left in Michelle's room instructed us on where to go each night of the week to experience the best nightlife (oddly enough the note was signed "the Little Monster"). Hmm, um ok. Good to know.

Amanda (aka The Very Tired Monster)

PS. Ate dinner at a deconsecrated church this was the most beautiful restaurant I've ever been to, right down to the stained glass window of Jesus that was next to the list of specials.

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