Thursday, November 25, 2010

Address: Stonehenge

Stonehenge, one of the greatest henges in the world (homage to Eddie Izzard). I have seen pictures on this place so many times in my life that it was almost strange to see it up close. That's how a lot of memorable places are here....still so cool, yet weird. At any rate, stonehenge was pretty straight forward, if you've seen pictures you know what I'm talking about. But a few days before visitting, our BCA class discussed the history of the henges in England, which is actually quite interesting. Did you know that there are actually around 300 henges in the UK? It's just that Stonehenge is the most preserved because many of the others were made from wood. We did the normal, touristy pictures and then moved on. It's just another landmark that I can check off my list of things to see within my lifetime!

Stonily yours,


PS. We also learned that based upon skeletons from this time period that have been studied by archeologists, women helped to construct the henges as well as men. Yay woman power!! Our tutor recommended that we draw lady parts on the mural of the tribal men raising the stones....and someone was almost successful.

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